5 aggressive trades the Chicago Bears could make this offseason

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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We have officially come to the beginning of the NFL offseason for every team. The Chicago Bears are now one of 31 teams attempting to become next year’s Los Angeles Rams, hoisting the Lombardi Trophy next February.

One of the biggest challenges for the Bears, in order to compete at the highest level and do it soon, is to successfully build around franchise quarterback Justin Fields.

New general manager Ryan Poles is a former offensive lineman, which you’ve probably heard several times by now, and that bodes well for Fields and the Bears.

Looking at how the Rams won the big game, they had a general manager who wasn’t afraid to make bold and aggressive moves. Now, in the Bears’ minds, maybe those moves mean other things. But, Poles cannot be afraid to take some bold steps.

Could Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears make some bold trades?

Maybe the Bears take a similar approach to the Rams but in a bit of a different manner. Poles could go out and make aggressive moves, but to actually acquire additional draft capital instead of giving it away like free candy.

Poles’ situation is different than the Rams. He has some young pieces to build around, specifically Fields, and wants to see longevity; consistent winning that is sustainable.

In order to do that, in his first offseason, he may need to get a little risky. He may need to take some chances and part with certain players in order to simply gain more at-bats in the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft.

A few trades, in particular, would be beneficial for Poles to try and pull off.