Chicago Bears Comparing Justin Fields to past rookies: Big Time Throws

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Most fans are sure that Justin Fields will do better next year with a stronger supporting cast. Still, almost every rookie quarterback, especially the ones drafted high is thrown into bad situations during their rookie season. So, it is not easy to compare the Chicago Bears gunslinger to the rest of the NFL, but we can compare him to rookies in the past.

One of the biggest positives that Fields has brought to the NFL is his ability to create the splash play. Justin Fields posted a 6.1% big-time throw rate per PFF.

They have been using this metric for a while, and since 2011, he ranks seventh among rookie quarterbacks in this metric,

The names above him include Cam Newton, Baker Mayfield, Russ Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Andrew Luck, and Matt McGloin. Aside from McGloin, you are looking at some very competent rookies and most of them went on to have great careers.

The stat is obviously not an end-all stat, but when you see the players with the worst big-time throw rates it also makes sense. These names are all 2.5% and under.

Zach Wilson
Cody Kessler
Blake Bortles
EJ Manuel
Tua Tagovailoa
Marcus Mariota
Derek Carr
Jared Goff

Zach Wilson being towards the bottom is surprising in some regards, but overall his season was not as strong as Justin Fields. The rest of the names make plenty of sense. Even the players that went on to be successful have a distinct style that may lean more conservative. It is that style that leads to a lack of big-time throws.

On the flip side, even when Mayfield and Luck have had downs, they were always pushing the ball down the field and always looking to extend plays.

This stat, and the names surrounding Fields, as well as opposite of Fields, do a really great job of showing us the play style that he brings to the table. He may not become an MVP like Cam Newton, but his playstyle is much more in the Newton, Luck range than it is in Goff, Mariota range.

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It would be more beneficial to look at this as a playstyle stat, and not look at it and think that because Fields had much big-time throws, he will be an elite quarterback. Time will still tell on that, but you should expect his aggression to stick with him.