The Chicago Bears should look into drafting these explosive playmakers

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The Chicago Bears offense (yes again) will be one of the main topics I write about this season. Matt Eberflus and Luke Getsy can come up with the best scheme ever, but it won’t work without playmakers. Assuming the Chicago Bears make a run at DJ Chark and Cam Robinson in free agency, that leaves the draft wide open to acquire either position at any point during the 2022 NFL Draft.

I should cover my bases; why did the Chicago Bears interview Sanjay Lal (Jaguars receiver coach) for the offensive coordinator position? I looked all over and asked as many insiders as I could find, and nobody had an answer. My answer starts with those two players. Why not get a head start on what they can bring to the table?

Let us get back on track. The draft rankings for receivers are all over the place after the top two players. I believe most draft analysts have Garrett Wilson (Ohio State) as the number one receiver and Drake London (USC) as the number two prospect right now. That could and will likely change after the NFL Combine.

My order of receivers isn’t fully set just yet. What a player puts on tape is important, but many things aren’t being considered. Who is that receiver going up against? Does the receiver have a good quarterback? Do they have an injury history problem? Does the system fit that receiver? There are a lot of questions that are asked, but at the end of the day, the tape is all that most draft analysts can use to rank these receivers.

Most fans look at draft rankings and see that this guy is supposed to fall here, so the Chicago Bears should be looking at him because of that. I like to guess what the coaches and front office are looking for in players and match them to the Chicago Bears. In the past, I have gotten some right and some wrong. Most of the time, I am pretty close at guessing what the coaches and front office are looking for in a prospect.

With that said, explosive quick first step, top speed separators, and gritty, tough players are what I will focus on this season until I get a better grasp of what players Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus want to select.