The Chicago Bears should look into drafting these explosive playmakers

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Chicago Bears 2022 NFL Draft Prospect: Calvin Austin III, Memphis

The first player on my board that could be around for the Chicago Bears to draft on day two would be Calvin Austin III. Austin III had the advantage to play at the Senior Bowl, unlike my number two for this specific rankings. I don’t blame him for not getting as much opportunity to push up the rankings because the quarterbacks couldn’t feed him. Heck, even the announcers knew what Austin III could do if the defense were facing him upright.

The Chicago Bears have gone to the Memphis grind before at wide receiver in Anthony Miller. That might scare some people away from Memphis, but most should remember it wasn’t the team; it was the player.

Miller had a ton of talent, and he just wasn’t focused enough to put it down on the field. The Nagy “be you motto” was not working in Anthony Miller’s favor. Austin III is short, but he makes up for that in every way that we have seen Tyreek Hill make up for his height.

Austin III has 4.2X speed and can start and stop on a dime. I used to believe that number one receivers need to be 6’4″ or taller. Nowadays, that doesn’t matter. Receivers are better off outrunning their opponents than beating them up.

Matt Nagy was on to something when he brought in a track team this past season. The only issue was he didn’t use them as a track team. I could bring up the 4×100 or 4×400 relays that Austin III has participated in, but just know that he has legit top-end speed.

Austin III does need to work on his catching ability. He tends to body-catch the ball a bit more than is needy. I would use him specifically in the slot and as a gadget early on in his career. Much Like Tarik Cohen, but more receiver than running back, and let the offense come to him. Austin III isn’t going to break many tackles, but good luck catching him when the ball is in his hands and he has some green grass to show off his V8-powered legs.