Chicago Bears Free Agency 2022 Stay or Go: Jason Peters

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have a new General Manager and head coach which means plenty of changes coming to the roster. One of the first things that the new regime will have to work on is deciding which free agents they want to bring back and which they will be letting go. One of the first names that they must decide on is Jason Peters.

Chicago Bears should bring back Jason Peters

Jason Peters was the ultimate professional for the Chicago Bears. He came in and did his job, and had the work ethic of a Hall Of Famer. When he was banged up, he fought like crazy to get back in the game. As the season wound down and the Bears were obviously out of the playoff picture, Peters could have used the injury as an excuse, but he worked to finish what he started. Those are the people you want in your locker room.

Obviously, it does not hurt Teven Jenkins and Larry Borom to see Peters do his day-in and day-out routine either. He is a leader, and a player the team may want to bring back, especially if they are not comfortable about the development of their young tackles.

Chicago Bears should not let Jason Peters come back

The reality behind this is that Jason Peters is not going to play for the Chicago Bears next year. The Bears called Peters nearly out of retirement and he came back for one reason, and one reason only. That is because he spent years with Juan Castillo in Philadelphia, and he has a strong relationship with Castillo.

Peters was quoted as saying if anyone else but Castillo called him, he probably would not have answered. Now, the Chicago Bears are going to try to bring him back after they told Castillo to kick rocks? No chance.

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They would have to overpay Peters, and at that point, it is not worth it. There are always nice developments that come from relationships gained in the NFL. You will see the Bears sign players with relationships to positions coaches like Castillo did with Peters. However, you will not see Peters come back at age 40, and play for a small salary for a coach that whom he does not have a strong relationship.