5 risky free agents the Chicago Bears could pursue

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The Chicago Bears have had their fair share of free agent blunders in the past. New general manager Ryan Poles and his crew will try their best not to make that type of history in their first year.

Hopefully, there will be no Mike Glennon-type contracts handed out by Chicago this spring. Past general managers have had their whiffs, that’s for sure. But, Poles comes in with plenty of experience in today’s NFL, helping build one of the league’s best offenses.

The odds he hands out a contract of similar hilarity are pretty low — but this is the Bears we’re talking about.

The positive, this year, is that the Bears will have a decent amount of money to spend. They’re not as cash-strapped as other teams. But, Poles also has to be very careful not to get caught in a risky situation.

Will Ryan Poles consider these five risky free agents for the Chicago Bears?

Four years ago, the Bears took a risk that paid off, for the most part. Wide receiver Allen Robinson was coming off a torn ACL in 2018 when the Bears gave him a lucrative deal. Immediately, Robinson became the Bears’ number one option and put forth some strong seasons in his first three years.

It’s not always a death sentence going after a player who’s coming off a major injury, but one must look at the history of a particular player. Is it a one-time thing, or more of a trend?

When analyzing this year’s crop of free agents, Poles will have plenty of traps set before him that he should be careful with. There are five players, in particular, who might make sense for the Bears on the surface. But, looking deeper, they could wind up being a major risk.