The craziest, most out-of-the-box 2022 Chicago Bears mock draft

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Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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The Chicago Bears have plenty of work to do this offseason. Ryan Poles has a healthy amount of salary cap to work with, but many holes to fill. Not to mention, the team only has five draft picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. That does not include a first-round pick either. Needless to say, the team needs an influx of talent, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

As much as I enjoy analyzing the Chicago Bears, this time of year can also be fun. Everyone is wanting to speculate what the team wants to do and attempt to predict what they will actually do. Right now, in regards to the draft, it’s all guesswork. Even as we get close to the actual date, there is still plenty of guesswork involved — it’s just more educated.

This might be the craziest Chicago Bears mock draft I have seen this year

I will be preparing mock drafts as we go through the offseason. Some of them will be actual predictions. Some of them will be, “what if” scenarios. I will also look at some of the mock drafts that are prepared by some of the big leaguers in the national media and critique them.

Tonight, while scrolling through social media, I came across a fan mock draft that was performed on the Pro Football Focus (PFF) mock draft simulator. I found the draft to be rather interesting, crazy and so far out-of-the-box that I had to shine some light on it. It’s one of those drafts that make you say, “huh, this is soooo crazy that I might actually agree with it.”

Alright, before we take a look, please note that I have no connection to this draft or the person who performed the draft. This person is not an analyst, but just a fan who was messing around. I also must note that I don’t agree with the process or the idea even though it made me stop and think. Alright, onto the goods.