3 bullish Calvin Ridley trades the Chicago Bears must explore

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Trade Number 1: Calvin Ridley to the Chicago Bears for Khalil Mack

The Bears have a boatload of money wrapped up in two pass rushers over the age of 30. Both Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn are still effective players when they’re on the field, but does Poles want to commit to that much money at one position?

As the new general manager, Poles might want to shake a few things up, despite Eberflus being excited to work with both Mack and Quinn. Although he’s the bigger name, Mack didn’t finish the 2021 season because of injury and it was Quinn who ended up the All-Pro en route to breaking the franchise record in sacks. Keeping Quinn over Mack might sound crazy, but it gives the Bears financial flexibility down the road.

If the Falcons end up feeling as though they have to trade Ridley, then they might as well get a proven commodity in return, as opposed to draft capital. If the Bears were willing to part with Mack, the Falcons could establish more of an identity on defense with one, single move.

The Falcons were dead last in sacks last season with just 18.0 as a team — less than Quinn had for the Bears by himself.

Mack immediately makes this defense better, and if the Falcons hang onto Grady Jarrett, then that gives them two elite veterans to build around. Atlanta has long struggled to put a formidable defense on the field, but having Mack in the fold will instantly make this group better.