3 free agent wide receivers connected to Chicago Bears coaching staff

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When the Chicago Bears head to free agency it will be the first time this new regime and coaching staff looks to add players to the roster. While we start to understand the tendencies and style that Ryan Poles has as a General Manager, for now, we can only go on past relationships to find potential fits on the roster.

Through connections in the NFL, there are plenty of players with relationships to coaches, executives, and more. These three wide receivers have strong ties to the Chicago Bears’ coaching staff.

3.  Emmanuel Sanders, WR, Buffalo Bills

The Chicago Bears hired Tyke Tolbert to be their wide receivers coach. Tolbert spent time with the Denver Broncos from 2011-2017. Emmanuel Sanders was with the Broncos from 2014 to 2019. So, the two spent four years in the same room working every day. If you remember, Sanders struggled in Pittsburgh but his career took off once he signed in Denver.

If someone had a strong recommendation to make for Emmanuel Sanders, it would be Tolbert, and if the aging Sanders was looking for a happy spot to finish his career, it could be helping his buddy Tolbert and helping Justin Fields.

When there were questions that Tolbert was going to be let go by the Broncos before the 2017 season, Sanders said he wanted him to stay, and exuded happiness when the team retained him.

When the Broncos moved on from Tolbert, Sanders got into a heated discussion with his wide receiver coach and eventually asked out of Denver.

However, wherever Sanders has gone, the team has he played for has been competitive. From the 49ers, Saints to the Buffalo Bills he had helped as a complementary weapon who goes about his business and leads by example.

Emmanuel Sanders would be the perfect leader for a player such as Darnell Mooney, and Sanders would be the player that Tolbert wants in practice to show Mooney his method of coaching. It could be a nice fit.