5 free agent offensive linemen connected to Chicago Bears coaching staff

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /
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One of the first things that Ryan Poles said when he was hired to be the Chicago Bears General Manager was that he was going to fix the offensive line. He wanted to add more pride and bring in people who want to do things the way that he wants them done.

With that in mind, as the Chicago Bears start to make their free agency decisions, Poles could be taking a hands-on approach to add the type of offensive lineman that he wants. Between Poles and offensive line coach Chris Morgan, there are a couple of free agents out there connected to the coaching staff. Who are some options?

5. Eric Fisher

Ryan Poles was a college scouting coordinator when the Kansas City Chiefs drafted Eric Fisher first overall. There has to be an obvious sentimental connection here. The Kansas City Chiefs did let Fisher go last season, but that was purely injury-related.

The Indianapolis Colts brought him in to repair a torn Achilles, and he ended up returning to the lineup far sooner than most expected. Fisher was not great in his return, but the reality is that the injury is far into his rearview, which means that Poles is likely back to being interested in the guy he once helped draft.

Beyond Fisher knowing Poles, he worked with Matt Eberflus last season. Eberflus was on the other side of the ball but surely saw how Fisher worked to return from a devastating injury. If Poles and Eberflus get to talking and say they want his work ethic, then it is on.

Fisher could step into left tackle, which would move Teven Jenkins to his more natural right tackle spot. This could move Larry Borom inside to right guard.