5 realistic Chicago Bears receiver targets at 2022 NFL Combine

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Chicago Bears, Alec Pierce
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The Chicago Bears should be watching Alec Pierce at the 2022 NFL Combine


College: Cincinnati

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 213 lbs

Career Numbers: 106 receptions, 1,851 yards, 13 touchdowns

It took him a while to establish himself as the alpha in Cincinnati, but Alec Pierce finally put it all together last year and had a stellar season, scoring eight touchdowns along the way. Pierce is a big body with tremendous strength and sneaky speed, who is much faster than he might appear on film.

Pierce’s route-running ability is so good, which is what makes him even more special. He has this rare talent to fool defensive backs into thinking his route extends further before he breaks it off, and thus finds himself open.

Pierce is known as one of those receivers who doesn’t drop a pass and can catch any ball thrown his way, which is the type of outside guy Justin Fields would love to have. His body control, even in mid-air, is impressive to watch. Pierce has that attitude that says he cannot, for any reason, afford to not make the grab.

Because of his size, speed and route running, Pierce could mix it up and play some slot for the Bears, too. But, he projects best as an outside receiver who is also a deep threat, believe it or not. This kid truly has it all.