5 Free Agent Tight Ends connected to Chicago Bears coaching staff

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1. Could Chicago Bears sign Ricky Seals-Jones

Ricky Seals-Jones is an interesting case. While he met Jim Dray through the Cardinals, it is not the same way that Williams and Daniels did. Ricky Seals-Jones played with Jim Dray back in 2017 when it was the last year for his career. RSJ was a rookie, so the older future coach likely helped him ease into the NFL.

The story continued when Dray was an offensive quality coach in 2019. While he obviously did not go out of his way to bring in Ricky Seals-Jones, it is interesting that they claimed him on waivers the year that Dray was on the coaching staff. In 2020, both RSJ and Dray were gone.

Their paths have not crossed since, but they did see each other in two spots. You know that if Dray did not think that RSJ was worth bringing in, he would have said that back in Cleveland, so at the very least he is comfortable telling a team he is fine with them bringing him in.

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Ricky Seals-Jones could be a nice on-the-field fit, too. He is a big slot, who is hardly a tight end at all.  Cole Kmet is a good blocker who can catch but is not dynamic in the ways that RSJ is. The duo can blend their skill set and form a strong one-two punch. The question becomes whether or not Jim Dray brings him in.