Chicago Bears: 4 Players who deserve more playing time in 2022

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As I look over the current roster and wonder what the final depth chart for the Chicago Bears might look like when we reach August, I cannot help but think that some current players deserve more playing time in 2022.

This might be a little too presumptuous of an article to be writing as I expect nearly half of the 2022 roster to look very different from the 2021 roster. The team has some flexibility with the salary cap to make some noise in free agency and although they only have five draft picks, two of them are within the top 100. Should Ryan Poles hit on those two picks, the team could see a turnaround quicker than many are expecting.

Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus need to see who is worthy of playing more in 2022

Not too long ago, I was asked if I thought this team could be better than .500 in 2022. I hesitated to answer which should tell you something, but I also claimed, somewhat in jest, that the Chicago Bears finish with 10 wins in 2022. That 10 win mark is actually attainable because many of the core players are remaining the same. The key to getting to that point will rest on fixing two positional groups on offense and one glaring problem on defense.

The bigger key to all of this though, and honestly the only one that will truly affect the outcome of games, is the development of quarterback Justin Fields. Should Justin Fields find some consistency and play all season more similarly, if not better, to the way he finished the season, then the team has a legit shot at cracking the playoffs. If Fields continues to mindlessly fumble the football and doesn’t improve, fixing any other positional groups really will not matter.

Now, before we get into the names who deserve mentioning, remember that this is a bit premature and if players are added at certain positions, it’s possible these players no longer deserve more playing time this year.