5 free agent cornerbacks connected to Chicago Bears coaching staff

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The Chicago Bears are going to have to build back up a defense that started to fall apart during the 2021 season. Matt Eberflus will take over the team and with his specialty being defense, you have to assume that he will want to bring in his type of players on that side of the ball.

James Rowe and David Overstreet are the two cornerbacks coaches, and Andre Curtis is the safety coach. Rowe and Overstreet followed Matt Eberflus from the Colts while Curtis comes in from being with Seattle since 2015. Defensive coordinator Alan Williams comes from Indianapolis as well. Between all of these coaches and Ryan Poles, they have plenty of connections throughout

5. Would Chicago Bears sign Xavier Rhodes?

One thing that we will certainly learn this offseason is what exactly the Colts coaches thought of Xavier Rhodes‘ health by the end of his stint with the team. Considering Rhodes signed with the Colts in 2020 and worked with Alan Williams, and James Rowe directly, those two are going to know whether or not they want to bring in Rhodes.

There are plenty of reasons to bring him in, and they are some of the same as to why they signed him to the Colts. That is that when Rhodes is playing his best football, he was one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL.

Those days are behind him as he is 31 years old now, but he is still a physically imposing corner with size and good technique. If the coaches want Rhodes to be a veteran placeholder who helps Jaylon Johnson and rookie transition to a new defense it could be a nice fit. However, Rhodes has missed time with injuries in the past couple of seasons. The Colts coaches should know his health more than anyone else, so their decision will be telling.