5 free agent cornerbacks connected to Chicago Bears coaching staff

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /
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2. Does Ryan Poles have a connection with Charvarius Ward

Charvarius Ward has been a game-changing find for the Kansas City Chiefs. He was a UDFA and turned into a starting cornerback for the past four AFC Championship games. It is tough to be a cornerback on a Patrick Mahomes-led team because you are often holding a lead and facing a lot of passing attempts.

At times, Ward was shut down, and other times he was picked on. That is the life of a cornerback. Ward essentially has great technique and never takes a snap off, which is what sprung him into the lineup after being split on in the draft process. Still, he is undersized and a bit slow, so these are limitations that have to be worked on.

The Chiefs may want him back, but one person who may feel close to him is Ryan Poles. We do not know whether Poles was involved in bringing in Ward, but we know that he watched a player work his way up from a nobody to a starter, and he likely respects that hustle. This could be someone that he is showing tape to Matt Eberflus right now.