5 free agent cornerbacks connected to Chicago Bears coaching staff

Chicago Bears - Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /
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1. Steven Nelson is a great fit with Chicago Bears?

Steven Nelson may be the best fit for them all. Sure, he is not from the Indianapolis Colts secondary, but when the top free agents from that group are over the age of 30, you may want to look younger.

Nelson will be 29 and is 28 right now. He does not have ties to the coaching staff but does know of both Ryan Poles and Ian Cunningham. Steven Nelson is another player that Poles watched grow in front of him.

Nelson was a day three pick by the Chiefs and ended up starting for them and getting a contract from the Pittsburgh Steelers. We did mention that Mike Tomlin and Alan Williams are very close in a recent post.

From Pittsburgh, he went to the Eagles, and that meant Ian Cunningham was involved in that signing. Cunningham is now the Assistant GM to Ryan Poles. Between Cunningham and Poles being in the rooms that brought him to their respective teams, and Williams getting the heads up on him from Mike Tomlin, you can see the fit.

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The stylistic fit also makes sense based on what the Colts did last season. If there is a cornerback to invest in on the free-agent market it should be Steven Nelson.