3 Cleveland Browns cut candidates Chicago Bears could sign

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1. Cleveland Browns have tough call on J.C. Tretter

The Cleveland Browns found another strong signing in center J.C. Tretter. Tretter was once with the Green Bay Packers but became the trusted center for the Cleveland Browns. Now, the team has a tough decision to make because Tretter is a relied-on center, but the team could also save over $8M by letting him go.

Tretter is now 30 years old, and the Browns drafted a center last year with the thought that they could move him up and Tretter out if needed. Tretter played well enough that this is going to be a legitimate tough decision for the Browns.

He also played well enough that teams should be trusted to sign him, even though he is at age 30. Obviously, he fits the Chicago Bears considering the team does not have a center. Sure, he is older, but he is an experienced veteran and has always been a leader in the locker room.

It is nice to have a center get drafted and spend the next 15 years with Justin Fields. At the same time, it could be very valuable to give Fields a veteran center who has seen it all and can give Fields plenty of advice and learning points.

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It could take a weight off of Fields when he identifies things that Sam Mustipher could not. A more comfortable Field could go a long way, so the price may and age may not be as a tough to swallow for the Chicago Bears. This is a player that they have to keep their eyes on.