Could this WR prospect fall to Chicago Bears in 2022 NFL draft?

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NFL Comparison for Chris Olave

If you look back at the chart on the last slide that highlights concerns for Chris Olave you can see that one player had a poor missed tackles forced rate and yet still became a legitimate NFL wide out. That was Calvin Ridley. You can see below that from a measurable perspective, they compare awfully similarly as well.

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If you watched Calvin Ridley play in the NFL you know he wins, and it will be the same thing that guides Chris Olave to success. They both can create down the field, mainly because they both can get open as quickly as anyone in the NFL.

Like Ridley, Olave can also be relied on for quick catches and instant separation. As noted, they do have similar weaknesses as well. The yards after the catch are notable, as is the reality that the entire time Calvin Ridley had success, he had Julio Jones keeping things open for him.

When Ridley became the number one he struggled, and then took time away from the team. Considering recent news we may not see Ridley as the number one in any offense.

This is worth noting because as a first-round pick, Ridley may have still been worth it, even if he needed someone such as Julio Jones to make it easier for him right out of the gate. Still, the floor that came from route running and quickness got Ridley on the field right away, and thanks to Jones he also produced right away which is possible for Olave in the right fit.