3 reasons Chicago Bears had to trade Khalil Mack

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears stunned plenty of fans when they decided to trade Khalil Mack for a second-round pick and a future sixth. Considering what they gave up for Mack, it does not feel as good, but there are plenty of reasons why the compensation is the way it is and why the Chicago Bears had to do what they did.

3. Chicago Bears save money in the short and long term with Khalil Mack trade

Depending on how you view the trade will be how you phrase the trade. If you like it you will say that they saved $6M against the cap. If you hate it, you will say that they have $24M of dead cap space that can go to no one. Both are true.

Still, while the Chicago Bears only saved $6M out of the $30M total that they are paying Mack, they are now set to get $28M off of their books in 2023. That is a huge saving, and one that they could not get had they held onto him.

Even if they kept him this year then moved on, they would then save just $16M in 2023, and likely would have gotten worse trade compensation. The Chicago Bears see 2022 as their first year with a head coach and GM pairing. It is a transition year.

In 2023 they now have a lot more cap space, and that presents a stronger possibility to go all-in on the roster at that point.

The issue with the Khalil Mack contract was that it was restructured twice, which meant pushing a lot of money onto the back end of his deal. It was done in an attempt to win now, but the consequences were always that at some point the team would have to eat a big hit. The Chicago Bears are deciding to eat that big hit this year, and get a draft pick out of it rather than be forced with a tougher decision when they feel that their roster is in a better spot.