3 reasons Chicago Bears may not trade Robert Quinn after Khalil Mack

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1. Chicago Bears still need starters

One big reason why trading Khalil Mack made sense was that Trevis Gipson may be ready to blossom into a starter. Ryan Poles likely saw it when reviewing the tape of last season. With all of the time that Mack missed due to injury, the Bears got a strong look at Robert Quinn across from Trevis Gipson and the duo worked. So, it was easy to get Mack out of the equation when he already saw it on tape. Adding in the other factors such as cost and return made it even better.

Mack was the odd man out but that does not mean that there is a firesale. It means that they like what they saw from Quinn and Gipson. The team still needs two starters at pass rusher.

They may not be all-in looking to add any player to win the Super Bowl, but this is still a team that is going to field a competitive roster and try hard while looking to instill a culture.

That does not mean completely emptying the cupboards. It meant getting a veteran out of the way to let a young player start. Now that the log jam is gone, and the edge depth chart looks fine still, it would not make sense to tear it out down more.

All that would do is create a hole that you need to spend, or need to find another draft pick to replace. With Mack, the depth moved up, but with Quinn, a starter would need to be replaced. That is a big difference.

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The fact that Quinn has been more productive and cheaper than Mack also adds into the decision. Overall, there is too much going for Quinn that was not going in the right direction for Khalil Mack. They chose to trade Mack over Quinn, not trade both in a teardown.