What are the Pros and Cons to the Chicago Bears signing Tyrann Mathieu?

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Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Chicago Bears, Tyrann Mathieu
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With another free agent rumored to entertain the Chicago Bears as a next destination, there’s a reason for Bears fans to get excited about this one.

Now, the validity of this is up in the air, as I’m personally not connected much to Tyrann Mathieu or the Chicago Bears — and by not much, it’s none at all.

What would the Chicago Bears’ defensive secondary look like with Tyrann Mathieu?

However, in a hypothetical world where the “Honey Badger” does join Eddie Jackson and the Chicago Bears — or even a world that exists in the near future — what would that look like?

There are a few things to think about when bringing in a guy like Tyrann Mathieu. The thoughts need to be around his salary, his effectiveness moving forward, and his fuel tank — or basically how much longer he has left in the NFL.

With nine years under his belt, Tyrann Mathieu is certainly deserving of the term “NFL vet,” and he’s one of the league’s best.

For the kids growing up in the YouTube highlight tape era, Tyrann Mathieu was a household name. And after nine years in the NFL, he’s still one of the best at doing what he does. Any team that gets Mathieu is better because of it, at least in terms of on-the-field production.

However, with the good, there comes the not-so-good. And with Mathieu, there are a few things to dislike — similarly how there’s a few or many, things to like about him.

So, with that said, what would the positives be for the Chicago Bears adding Tyrann Mathieu to Matt Eberflus’ defense in 2022?