Do Chicago Bears need this Wide Receiver prospect?

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NFL comparison for Jalen Tolbert

Using the athletic comparisons as well as their style of play, we were able to find an NFL comparison for Jalen Tolbert that makes sense. The best NFL comparison for Jalen Tolbert is Cedrick Wilson, the wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. Below you can see how they compare in size and athleticism. Wilson is an inch taller and three pounds heavier, but Tolbert has a bit longer arms.

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The reality is that they not only are physical comparisons, but they also have similar playing styles as well. The combination of length, and speed allows both to create down the field. You can see that neither are burners, but both win by tracking the ball downfield and being able to snatch it away.

Wilson still does not create much over the middle, but just signed a big contract because when he is involved in the passing game it means that big plays are happening or being attempted. That is the role and potential impact that Jalen Tolbert brings to the NFL.

Wilson was a complimentary wide receiver for most of his rookie contract, but now is being paid to be a strong number three option on the outside. That is a realistic view of what fans and teams should be looking for out of Jalen Tolbert. He may not be a number one, but his role is valued in the NFL and he knows his role well.

With that NFL comparison, would Jalen Tolbert fit with the Chicago Bears?