5 things to know about Chicago Bears new signing Byron Pringle

Chicago Bears - Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears signed Byron Pringle, a former wide receiver from the Kansas City Chiefs to a one-year contract. Considering Pringle knows Ryan Poles very well, you can say for certain that he is the type of player that Poles believes this roster needs. However, many fans probably do not know much about Pringle. What does he bring to the table as an NFL wide receiver?

5. Byron Pringle is likely Chicago Bears slot wide receiver

One of the best aspects of Byron Pringle and his game is his ability to move around. He has played the X, Y, and Z on offense, which is exactly what a depth wide receiver needs to do. However, if he did settle into a primary position it would likely be the slot.

Last season Pringle spent 55% of his snaps in the slot. On top of that, he ran 63% of his routes from the slot, and he was much more efficient in the slot as well.

Last season Pringle had 568 yards, and 406 of those came from the slot. He also averaged 1.29 yards per route run from the slot. That was much more impressive than the 0.72 yards per route run he created from the outside last season.

Darnell Mooney moved into the slot a bit last season, but all fans can agree that he is not a slot wide receiver. With Mooney on the outside, it makes sense that the team would acquire a slot wideout, and then focus on the draft to bring in their big outside threat.

Pringle is a depth wide receiver for sure but is likely to be the starting slot for the Chicago Bears in 2022.