The Chicago Bears make crucial Day 2 trades in this 2022 NFL mock draft

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Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears have not been a part of what might be the most exciting NFL offseason to date. Well, unless you count trading away Khalil Mack. Usually, I would bring you a mock draft starting in December, but something told me to wait. While I want to share my thoughts with everybody, I rather not have to change up the process based on what other teams do during the offseason.

As you all know, the Chicago Bears also have a new regime, and it is impossible to guess what they will do in this upcoming draft. That gave me the idea to bring in three different mock drafts all in one. I waited until today (March 23) to start this article, so I apologize if more crazy things happen that change the scenarios. Who knew all of these All-Pro players would have new teams.

The Chicago Bears’ offseason, for most people, has been very dull. I find it relaxing that the Chicago Bears haven’t spent $72 million on a receiver that hasn’t been better than Darnell Mooney. Or $87 million on a left tackle that is yet to complete a season. I believe that the Chicago Bears need to focus most of their attention on helping Justin Fields succeed, but Fields will also need to do everything possible to help himself.

What I mean by that statement is that Fields needs help. Most quarterbacks need help, but the great ones become great because of themselves. Baker Mayfield has had one of the better teams on paper but has failed to take that next step to greatness. Deshaun Watson (only talking about his talent and not anything else) shined bright in 2020 despite lacking everything a team needs to have a good record.

I honestly believe that you either have “it” or don’t. Coaching does help improve the “it-factor,” but that player needs to have it somewhere. Anyway, let’s talk mock draft. Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus have said they want to win in the trenches first and then attack the skill positions. That way of thinking is the opposite of Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. Ryan Poles has not shown us what he wants from the skill positions, but he has shown us what he is looking for in the trenches. The question now becomes, how will the Bears fill out the 90-man roster for summer training?