Will the Chicago Bears reunite Justin Fields with these 4 Buckeyes?

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The Chicago Bears should reunite Justin Fields with Chris Olave, WR

In terms of reuniting a quarterback with their top weapon, this would be one of the best moves to make. Is it an incredibly likely one? Well, no. It’s not incredibly likely, but with the Bears determined to build around Justin Fields, the thought of bringing these two together has had to have crossed the minds of Ryan Poles and the draft team.

Justin Fields and Chris Olave were a force to be reckoned with in their 2020 season. If the Bears wanted to take a page out of the Bengals’ book, this is the move they’d do. Reuniting Justin Fields with Chris Olave would be the most similar to how the Bengals reunited Ja’Marr Chase with Joe Burrow.

And while the Bears don’t have a pick as of now that could be used to get Olave, trading up into the first round to get him isn’t nearly out of the realm of possibilities. Not only is trading up always a possibility but with this year’s NFL Draft not built around five-or-more first-round quarterbacks, those teams near the top that need a quarterback could likely trade down to acquire draft capital to use on drafts further down the line.

One of those teams is the Philadelphia Eagles, who’ve allegedly made it apparent that they’re willing to move on from one of their first-round picks to get one next year, in case Jalen Hurts isn’t their guy and they want another crack at drafting their franchise guy.

Based on mock drafts up to this point, especially after the Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams trades, Chris Olave isn’t mocked to be drafted until midway or later in the first round.

In a handful of mocks done by true analysts, Chris Olave is slated to go to the Green Bay Packers at pick No. 22, or even No. 28 if he falls that far. Not only should the Bears go after Olave to ensure the big, bad Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have him, but reuniting Justin Fields with Chris Olave could be what turns the historically not-great Chicago Bears offense into an NFC juggernaut.

With three players that make a lot of sense, there’s one left. And to be honest, this player is probably not who most would think of. But should the Chicago Bears also get this player to reunite with Justin Fields?