Chicago Bears should explore these 3 David Montgomery trades

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Over the course of this offseason, many have complained that the Chicago Bears have not done enough to surround quarterback Justin Fields with talent that will help him develop.

Signing one starting offensive lineman and a pair of wide receivers — one of which will be a somewhat significant piece — is not enough just yet. Ryan Poles certainly has a plan, but that plan is getting tougher and tougher to support.

Because of a lack of assets in this year’s draft, too, Poles has his work cut out for him. The Bears need to give their quarterback more protection and weapons in the passing game, but how do they achieve this without enough draft capital?

This might be a weird route to go about building around Fields, but it could work.

Trading running back David Montgomery might be advantageous for the Chicago Bears

Look, David Montgomery is one of the most underrated running backs in football. He does everything well, whether it’s breaking tackles or catching the football. He is as hard a worker there is on this team and his work ethic should be mirrored by every one of his teammates.

However, last year, rookie Khalil Herbert only furthered the notion that teams should not pay running backs. As a sixth-round pick, Herbert filled in for Montgomery when he was injured and played extremely well.

Could Herbert be good enough to take over the starting role if the Bears moved on from Montgomery in favor of draft capital? Maybe. But, more likely than not, the Bears would then draft another back in the middle or later rounds to use as a compliment — and it would suffice, whether fans like to admit it or not.

The Bears need weapons and protection for their quarterback — now. One of the following trades could definitely work in helping that cause.