Chicago Bears fans need to stop sleeping on Byron Pringle

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The Chicago Bears are getting a wide receiver who can separate in Byron Pringle

At this point, Darnell Mooney is going to be the top option at receiver in the Chicago Bears’ offense. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Mooney is a guy who I never envisioned as a WR1, but that does not mean he cannot become one. He has many of the tools necessary and the chemistry that Justin Fields and Darnell Mooney are creating off the field right now will translate well to the field.

When we look at who was catching footballs last year, Mooney became the top option while Allen Robinson took a step back. I still believe that there was not a good enough connection between Fields and Robinson — partly to do with the fact that Fields does not like to throw 50/50 balls to a receiver who he doesn’t believe is “open.” As we know in Chicago, Robinson does not separate well before the ball is thrown, he uses his body to create that separation. Robinson and Fields just do not seem like a good match but insert Byron Pringle.

According to NFL Next Gen Stats, Byron Pringle tied for the second-best amount of separation in the NFL for wide receivers last year. His average yards of separation was 4.1, while to put that in comparison, Darnell Mooney’s separation was 2.9 and Allen Robinson’s was 1.9. This number is inflated by the fact the team had Tyreek Hill, but the point is that Pringle can separate better than Robinson (doesn’t make him a better WR). The offensive scheme in Kansas City also helps players like Byron Pringle and Mecole Hardman separate — something we haven’t seen in Chicago.

Separation isn’t everything though, otherwise, Byron Pringle would never have been able to leave the Chiefs. Here is a look at the rest of what Pringle will bring to the Chicago Bears.