3 reasons Chicago Bears made right move not trading for DeVante Parker

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The trade compensation for DeVante Parker was too much for the Chicago Bears

As somewhat touched on previously, the haul for DeVante Parker wasn’t something the Chicago Bears could’ve – or should’ve – done, considering their already lackluster picks and lack of depth in a few positions.

And sure, DeVante Parker is a good receiver, which is a need of the Chicago Bears, but with the wide receiver talent in this NFL Draft, the Bears shouldn’t worry as much.

Their first pick – Round 2, pick 39 – isn’t a terrible spot to get a receiver in, and even if they can’t get a receiver until Round 2, pick 48, or Round 3, pick 71, there still should be a receiver available that tickles the Bears’ fancy.

Whether it be Christian Watson, Alec Pierce, or George Pickens at pick No. 39, or a guy like Jalen Tolbert with one of their later picks, the receiver pool is big enough where the Chicago Bears should at least be able to get a guy they like. It might not be their No.1 guy, but there’s serious doubt that the Bears will strike out on all potential receiver prospects.

And all the names mentioned prior are a better get than DeVante Parker. Parker isn’t a bad receiver by any means, but when there’s a price to pay for these guys, Parker’s price was just too steep for the Chicago Bears, considering the other needs they have and the shallow pockets they have.

With injury history and trade cost being identified, what’s the third and final reason that the Chicago Bears were right to stay out of the DeVante Parker trade talks?