Chicago Bears: Twitter reacts to Jersey Jerry bashing Justin Fields

Chicago Bears - Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /

At a GT Sports Marketing event, Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields — along with other young NFL rising stars — made his presence and interacted with fans of all different fan bases. However, during that event, a Barstool personality by the name of Jersey Jerry didn’t have the best of interactions with the Bears‘ quarterback.

As stated in the video, Justin Fields was asked to take a picture with Jersey Jerry, and when asked, Fields allegedly rolled his eyes and said, “Sure, I guess.”

In all honesty, Fields didn’t necessarily look enthralled to be in a picture with Jersey Jerry. Who even knows if Justin Fields knows who Jerry is. It’s likely that Fields noticed an adult– wearing Steelers gear, too — asking to get a picture with him, and after being asked for hundreds of photos, probably gave a less excited response than he’d give a child.

Now, having no personal interactions with Justin Fields myself, I can’t say how Fields acts. That’s just something I can’t do; however, given the responses to this video on Twitter, Chicago Bears fans came to the defense of their quarterback — as if they were Teven Jenkins seeing Justin Fields getting hit out of bounds.

Twitter reacts to Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields,”disrespecting” Barstool Sports’ Jersey Jerry

Here are some of the best responses to Jersey Jerry attacking Chicago Bears’ Justin Fields:

Now, it’s funny to poke fun, but just imagine if it were Aaron Rodgers he went up to asking for a picture. Just imagine the video, after Rodgers tells Jersey Jerry he owns him and always has owned him.

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Thankfully, the Chicago Bears fans put their shoulder pads and helmets on to defend the quarterback that’ll bring quite a bit of success to the Chicago Bears — something fans have been excited about ever since he was drafted.

Ryan Poles would be pretty proud of how Chicago Bears fans came to the defense of Justin Fields. Maybe so much so, that some Twitter users might be getting an invitation to Halas Hall.