Chicago Bears: Best NFL comparison for Skyy Moore

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One player that has risen up boards as we approach the 2022 NFL draft is Skyy Moore. Moore was a high school quarterback who was undersized and therefore underrecruited, finding his way to the MAC. Still, now he enters the NFL draft having produced in big ways at Western Michigan. Considering the Chicago Bears need a wide receiver, this is a player they should have eyes on.

While we will not know how good Moore will be in the NFL, we can at least understand his playing style and find a strong NFL comparison for him. Using athletic measurables, the following wide receivers were most similar to Skyy Moore. From there, we can find his best playing comparison.

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These comparisons make plenty of sense when it comes to what Skyy Moore brings and how he would be used. Considering his size, being shorter, but thicker, there are only so many different uses in the NFL that can be applicable to him.

Deion Branch flashes as a really strong comparison, especially with both of them under 5’10”. You can see that Branch is a bit more agile but the usage would be very similar. Branch became a trusted wideout for Tom Brady because of his soft hands and crisp routes, and that is what got Moore on the map despite the smaller school background.

Golden Tate is another interesting NFL comparison for Skyy Moore, and the two are nearly identical in size. You could argue that Tate was a bit more dynamic with the ball in his hands at Notre Dame was than Moore, but you could see the NFL usage being similar.

However, the best comparison from an athletic standpoint, and on the field is probably Christian Kirk. Kirk was an option for the Chicago Bears as a slot receiver, but the Jaguars emptied their pockets to give Kirk big money.

Kirk matches Skyy Moore in size and speed, but also skillset. What made Kirk intriguing for the Bears is that while he is a slot, he is not your typical slot. Kirk was one of the better deep threats in the NFL when used out of the slot. Moore has the same speed, and his great ability to separate off of the line of scrimmage is even better than his cuts mid-route. When Moore can get a step to the outside and run a slot fade it is so hard for slot cornerbacks to keep up.

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The ability to do your standard slot work, but add the slot fade that takes the top off is an added bonus and a perfect fit with Justin Fields. If the Chicago Bears were interested in Kirk before the price got too high then they have to be interested in Skyy Moore as a perfect fit with Justin Fields.