Chicago Bears Jaylon Johnson amid Twitter debate with Trevon Diggs

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After a tweet came to the surface showing the Chicago Bears selecting Jaylon Johnson one pick before Trevon Diggs in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The tweet shows the Chicago Bears taking Jaylon Johnson with Pick No. 50, while the Dallas Cowboys selected Trevon Diggs with Pick No. 51.

Should the Chicago Bears regret drafting Jaylon Johnson over Trevon Diggs?

So, since hindsight is the true deciding factor in this, it’s important to see what both players were heading into the draft. More times than not, a year after the draft, people will go into the Wikipedia page for a draft class to see who missed, who reached, and who stole.

Player A college stats

  • 2018: 6 games; 20 total tackles (18 solo, 2 assist); 1 INT; 6 passes defended; 1 forced fumble; 0 TDs
  • 2019: 12 games; 37 total tackles (20 solo, 17 assist); 3 INTs; 8 passes defended; 0 forced fumbles; 2 TDs

Player B college stats

  • 2017: 10 games; 25 total tackles (23 solo, 2 assist); 1 INT; 6 passes defended; 0 forced fumbles; 0 TDs
  • 2018: 14 games; 41 total tackles (31 solo, 10 assist); 4 INTs; 4 passes defended; 0 forced fumbles; 1 TD
  • 2019: 13 games; 36 total tackles (34 solo, 2 assist); 2 INTs; 11 passes defended; 0 forced fumbles; 1 TD

After seeing the two players lined up solely on stats alone— which only tell part of the story, obviously— which player is which?

Player A is: Trevon Diggs; Player B is: Jaylon Johnson.

It’s pretty close as to which is better. Diggs’ biggest testament coming out of college was more likely the helmet he wore than the plays he made.

And now, Trevon Diggs obviously is somewhat talented if he’s been able to accomplish what he has so far, but Jaylon Johnson is no bust.

In fact, I’d rather have Jaylon Johnson than Trevon Diggs. Call me crazy, but I’d argue that Jaylon Johnson is a better defender than Trevon Diggs.

Now that they’re in the NFL, let’s do another comparison of the two to see which is better.

Player A NFL stats

  • 2020: 12 games; 3 INTs; 84 targets; 46 completions; 667 yards allowed; 5 TDs allowed; 14 passes defended; 58 total tackles
  • 2021: 16 games; 11 INTs; 103 targets; 54 completions; 907 yards allowed; 4 TDs allowed; 21 passes defended; 52 total tackles

Player B NFL stats

  • 2020: 13 games; 0 INTs; 78 targets; 44 completions; 694 yards allowed; 5 TDs allowed; 15 passes defended; 44 total tackles
  • 2021: 15 games; 1 INT; 72 targets; 43 completions; 564 yards allowed; 5 TDs allowed; 9 passes defended; 46 total tackles

So, as evident when looking at these stats, Player A has a hand up. That is Trevon Diggs. However, as I’m a preacher, stats don’t tell the whole story.

And while that’s the case, Jaylon Johnson has been going up against Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams twice a season.

The best competition Trevon Diggs has covered in 2020 was either a Cleveland OBJ or Terry McClaurin; and in 2021, his best competition was either Mike Evans, Justin Jefferson (once), or Tyreek Hill (if he was even guarding him). Not that this is any of Diggs’ fault, but the wideouts he covers playing in the NFC East don’t stack up to the receivers in the NFC North.

The Lions aren’t too much of a threat, but— prior to his departure— Jaylon Johnson had to line up against Davante Adams twice a season. And when Aaron Rodgers is throwing the ball, it makes Adams’ job a lot easier, and it makes Johnson’s job a lot more difficult.

And while Kirk Cousins isn’t Aaron Rodgers, the connection he has with Justin Jefferson is clearly there.

Lastly, one of the bigger pluses on Jaylon Johnson’s side is his age. While one year doesn’t mean the end of the world, Jaylon Johnson being a year younger than Trevon Diggs— and having an extra season of college playing time under his belt than Diggs— it makes sense that the Chicago Bears went with Jaylon Johnson at that point in time.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

At the end of the day, there won’t be a winner of this debate.

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Those that support the Cowboys, Trevon Diggs is their guy, and it’s laughable that the Bears passed him up for Jaylon Johnson. On the flip-side, Chicago Bears fans will see the 900+ yards allowed and say Jaylon Johnson was the better selection.

And while none of it really matters until someone invents a working time machine, both teams are going to have to live with their decision.