Do Chicago Bears have connection to this WR prospect?

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The Chicago Bears are likely to draft a wide receiver at some point in the 2022 NFL draft. They are too thin at the position as they currently stand. There are plenty of wide-outs that they could be looking at in the second-round range, and one of those names would be Skyy Moore.

There are plenty of questions on how Moore will adapt to the NFL after coming from Western Michigan, but one person who may help the Bears answer that question from a unique perspective is Luke Getsy.

Luke Getsy and Skyy Moore are not necessarily connected other than the fact that they both grew up in a similar area of Pittsburgh, and happened to play for rival high schools, of course at different times in life.

Luke Getsy grew up in Munhall, Pa, and played for Steel Valley while Skyy Moore grew up in New Kensington, Pa, and played for Shady Side Academy. The two schools square off every year, and when Skyy Moore was a Senior, he scored eight touchdowns against Steel Valley. It was a notable performance in a high school football hotbed.

Moore got injured during his senior year of high school and Steel Valley wound up winning the championship later in the season, as the Moore-less SSA could not compete with Getsy’s alma mater. While Getsy may not have followed every Steel Valley game he surely knew his alma mater and hometown school were competitive and it probably did not take long for him to connect that Skyy Moore in the draft was from the same area.

The Chicago Bears quarterback coach Andrew Janocko is from Western Pennsylvania, so you know that Getsy and Janocko still keep strong ties to their past.

There is a good chance that Getsy knows Moore dating back to high school considering Moore set a record against his hometown. Still, it is very easy for Luke Getsy to get on the phone and make some calls to the Munhall area and hear about what they thought of Skyy Moore from his age 16 to 18 years.

It helps that Getsy went to Akron and Moore wound up at Western Michigan. No matter what alma mater Getsy was keeping an eye on, he likely saw a passing glimpse of what Skyy Moore was doing.

Whether Luke Getsy has known Skyy Moore for years, or if he knows a lot of close friends who know him better than most, we are talking about the offensive coordinator likely being able to get more information on Skyy Moore than most.

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It will be interesting to see if Getsy keeps the strong bond of Western Pennsylvania football in mind during the second round if Skyy Moore is on the board.