Why Chicago Bears should be able to trade Nick Foles

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The days of Nick Foles on the Chicago Bears are numbered. After signing Trevor Siemian, the writing was clearly on the wall, and then Ryan Poles came out and all but said that Foles will not be on the roster in training camp.

While some fans want the team to just release him and get it over with, the team already paid him a $4M roster bonus. This makes it less likely they would outright release him, but also makes it more likely that they can trade him. Because this bonus was paid, the team acquiring Foles will only need to take on ~$4M in cap space.

When you look at the quarterback landscape the $4M that Foles would cost his next team would be In line with Joe Flacco, Jacoby Brissett, and Colt McCoy. That is the right salary for Foles, and something that teams would not have an issue doing considering it is the market rate for his peers.

The other realization is that quarterback thirst is real. Teams will go out of their way to not only get starters but to make sure that their backup spot is secured. Nobody is saying that Foles is going to set the Chicago Bears up for long-term success using his trade package, but they can find a way to get something back.

Last season the Eagles traded Joe Flacco for a 2022 6th round pick. Ryan Finley was traded in 2021 in a move that allowed the Bengals to move up 31 spots in the draft. Kyle Allen was traded for a 5th round pick, 148th overall. Joshua Dobbs was traded for a 5th round pick, 154th overall.

The reality is that in all of these trades, the team giving up the asset knew that they were trading for a backup quarterback. Still, they wanted that person in the room.

The good thing about Nick Foles is that teams that need a backup can look to him and say that he is a great person for that role. Perhaps the Bears swap out a sixth-rounder and move into round five. That could be all that they get for Nick Foles, but that is valuable in itself, and getting that for Foles is better than a release.

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So, even if it is not until draft weekend, do not be surprised when the Chicago Bears are able to pull off a Nick Foles trade.