The Chicago Bears get Justin Fields much-needed support in this Mock Draft

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Round 2, Pick No. 48: The Chicago Bears select Christian Watson, WR – NDSU

Now, as I just put emphasis on big school vs. small school when discussing Roger McCreary, the opposite matters with wide receiver, I’d argue. Especially when talking about Christian Watson.

Obviously, when receivers can make SEC corners look silly, they’re probably great. That being said, when a “small school” receiver beats up on small schools, that shouldn’t be discounted.

While corners are more reactionary— especially when playing man— wide receivers’ talent doesn’t rely on their competition as much.

That, and North Dakota State University is essentially the Alabama of FCS teams.

Call it a crazy claim if you’d like, but NDSU has won 17 total championships: three in the College Division (which was then changed to Division II), five in Division II, and nine in Division I FCS. And in three of those nine D1 FCS Championships, they went undefeated.

In all of their 17 championship seasons, their overall record is 225-10-1. Go ahead and read that record again. 225 wins, 10 losses, and one tie. To say they aren’t a force to be reckoned with is an incorrect statement.

Now, back to Christian Watson.

Watson has been my personal draft crush for months and months. In just about every mock I’ve made, Christian Watson is in it, either at Pick No. 39 or 48.

All-in-all, Christian Watson is one of the top tier-two receiver prospects. He’s no Chris Olave, Drake London, or Garrett Wilson, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an absolute stud.

Not only is he a “workout hero,” but his workout results show on the game film, too.

Outside his issues with drops, there’s not much to dislike about Christian Watson.

His combination of size and speed is something that, if paired with Justin Fields, could be what brings a charge to a historically dormant Chicago Bears offense as of late.

Now that a corner and receiver have joined the Bears, what’s next? More weapons for Justin Fields, or do the Bears go a different route?