The Chicago Bears get Justin Fields much-needed support in this Mock Draft

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Round 5, Pick No. 150: The Chicago Bears select Chris Paul, OL – Tulsa

No, no, no, this is not the basketball player. And even if it was, do the Chicago Bears really want a 6′ 0″, 175 lb lineman? Unlikely!

However, the three-year letter winner and starter could be a much better selection at Pick No. 150 than the NBA star.

Considering the versatility of Paul and the lack of offensive line depth — and even a lack of starters — for the Chicago Bears, the Chris Paul selection would be one that would better the Chicago Bears.

Now, given the pick, Chris Paul is a more raw prospect than higher-round offensive linemen. That being said, Paul is still an enticing prospect, and he plays the way Ryan Poles wants.

Ryan Poles has driven the point across that the Chicago Bears need to play nastier, most notably on the offensive line. And while this is just one clip that shows his nastiness, it’s not against the lower competition that Paul played while at Tulsa.

The rep above is against a likely top-50 draft pick in Enagbare, so the dominance showed on this rep should be noted.

In Chris Paul’s career at Tulsa, he played a few different positions on the line, which shows the versatility of Paul — a trait that the Chicago Bears would love.

Chris Paul positional starts (career)

  • Right tackle: eight starts
  • Left guard: 12 starts
  • Right gaurd: eight starts

And with the Chicago Bears needing interior line help, that’d likely be where he plays if brought to the Bears — unless there’s some sort of competition at tackle.

All-in-all, his size (6’4″, 324 lbs) matched with his nastiness and versatility could make for a great selection in the fifth round for the Chicago Bears.

Last pick, everyone. Any guesses?