3 Chicago Bears players who are most likely to break out in 2022

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Chicago Bears Player Most Likely to Breakout in 2022: Cole Kmet, TE

After an underwhelming rookie season of just 28 catches for 243 yards and two touchdowns, Cole Kmet made a much bigger impact in 2021. Catching 60 passes for 612 yards, Kmet was a staple in the Bears’ offensive game-plan during year two. A big-bodied target, Kmet and Fields appear to have built some pretty strong chemistry. Targeted 93 times, Kmet was the Bears’ second-most thrown to receiver last season.

Despite the high number of targets and catches, Kmet didn’t have a single touchdown in 2021. This falls on the shoulders of Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace. For Pace, signing Jimmy Graham to a two-year $16 million dollar deal was not what this team needed. With Nagy calling plays for Graham in the red zone instead of Kmet, it really slowed down Kmet’s development. Unlike Nagy, expect Luke Getsy to scheme up plays for Kmet down in the red zone.

In order to put up big numbers, a pass-catcher must have a certain level of chemistry and trust with his QB. When Mitchell Trubisky was the Chicago Bears quarterback, his chemistry was with Allen Robinson — targeting Robinson a whopping 305 times in just two seasons. Trubisky loved slinging it to Robinson. At this point in Fields’ tenure in Chicago, it appears his two favorite targets are Mooney and Kmet.

Love it or hate it, Cole Kmet is currently one of the Bears’ best pass catchers. Luke Getsy is sure to make him a focal point in the game plans, and Fields likes throwing him the football. With no Jimmy Graham to leech touchdowns this year in the red zone, I expect Kmet to have a breakout season in year three, and be a very relevant TE in Fantasy Football Leagues.