3 Chicago Bears you could see traded before the 2022 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears, David Montgomery, captain
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Chicago Bears Trade Candidate: David Montgomery, RB

Since being drafted in the third round out of Iowa State in 2019, David Montgomery has been an absolute beast for the Bears offense. Rushing for 1,1919 yards and 15 TD, and catching 119 passes for 739 yards, Montgomery has been the Bears’ best player on offense the past two seasons. A tackle-breaking machine who can run routes and catch passes out of the backfield, Montgomery is a lethal weapon on offense.

Approaching the final year of his rookie deal, Chicago could soon have to pay up for Montgomery. Historically, paying running backs after their rookie deal hasn’t usually worked out in the franchise’s favor. Look at the Dallas Cowboys for a prime example, having to cut their WR1 Amari Cooper, just so they could afford their RB2 Ezekiel Elliott. Planning to build this offensive line and WR core around Justin Fields, an inflated RB contract is the last thing the Chicago Bears need.

The running back is the most interchangeable position in college and pro football. Montgomery is an elite RB, and a valuable player to this offense. But when Montgomery got hurt, the Bears were still able to run the football with Khalil Herbert. If a team rich in cap space/draft capital offers Poles a solid Day 2 draft pick for Montgomery, he would be foolish to decline.

With so much need for improvement at WR, and on the offensive line, I wouldn’t be shocked if Poles traded Montgomery before the draft.