This nonsense regarding Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields must stop

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You read the title correctly. If you missed it, apparently this week is the week that all the crazies decided to come out for views and clicks. We now have two separate instances in less than a week surrounding the Chicago Bears and Justin Fields. I guess we can make it three if we want to discuss the Jersey Jerry incident once again — no thanks.

Instead, this nonsense has to do with a national media personality and a writer for Sports Illustrated. Oh, and I’ll throw in another blog site that keeps pushing this nonsense with clickbait titles. Let’s start with the media personality, shall we?

All of the nonsense needs to stop regarding the Chicago Bears and Justin Fields

On Wednesday, it must have been a slow news cycle. I take that back, we have seen takes like these before coming from Mike Florio. Florio is a sports writer and radio and television personality for Pro Football Talk (PFT) – a media source he created and owns. Florio was on local sports radio AM 670 the Score on Wednesday. He was interviewed on the Dan Bernstein show and had this to say about Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears.

Let’s take a look at all that was said and why it was a ridiculous take on the Chicago Bears’ current approach to the 2022 offseason.