This nonsense regarding Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields must stop

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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The Chicago Bears are not tanking to get rid of Justin Fields

Florio goes on to say this regarding Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears and well, it’s honestly laughable.

"Maybe that’s the hidden message here. That the new regime doesn’t believe in Justin Fields. Because if they did, would they be tearing everything else down or trying to build everything else up?  If there is truth to this idea — and it sure looks like it — it could be that this is just step one towards moving on from Justin Fields at the appropriate time which could be as early as next year."

Florio talks about the idea that the Bears could trade Fields after 2022. Yes, that technically could be the case, but to think that they are already making this plan to move on from Justin FIelds by tanking is ridiculous. Why would the team want Fields’ trade value to drop during a horrible season to just trade him for next to nothing in 2023?

Shockingly, Dan Bernstein was the voice of reason and logic in this interview. Bernstein talks about a different hypothesis — one that involves the idea that maybe the Chicago Bears don’t think that Justin Fields needs much to develop and improve upon his rookie season. Matt Eberflus has spoken highly of Justin Fields as recently as this week.

Ryan Poles told us his plan from the beginning. He wasn’t going to go all-in on big-time free agent names. He tried to make a bit of a splash with Larry Ogunjobi, but that didn’t work out as Ogunjobi failed his physical. The team upgraded at center and still has three picks in the top 75 of the 2022 NFL Draft to add talent.

The problem is, we are in this lull and Poles isn’t making any free agent moves worthy of note as of late. Until the draft in a couple of weeks, we are going to see these nonsensical thoughts from analysts who don’t have any inside track to the Bears.

This brings us to the next crazy thought that came out about the Chicago Bears and Justin Fields.