This nonsense regarding Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields must stop

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Justin Fields is the future of this Chicago Bears franchise

Mike Florio did not need to wait long before someone else came out with another ridiculous take about the Chicago Bears and Justin Fields. Conor Orr of Sports Illustrated had an article drop today about why Justin Fields is the reason why the NFL should have a transfer portal. First of all, a transfer portal is called free agency in the NFL. Players can also request trades should they want one. This concept of needing a transfer portal is nonsense on its own.

Second, using Justin Fields as the reason why a transfer portal needs to be created is ridiculous too. If you read Conor Orr’s article (I urge you to just ignore it), you will read things like:

  • Justin Fields would be justified to demand a trade
  • This roster is one of the worst in the NFL on paper
  • Allen Robinson escaped the Bears organization in free agency this year
  • James Daniels, a young, promising guard also escaped
  • Trading Fields would put this rebuild into hyperdrive

Alright, that’s enough of that. Even if the team received multiple picks, including at least one first-rounder, there’s no guarantee the team hits on a quarterback. Justin Fields was the second-best (maybe the best) prospect coming out of the 2021 NFL Draft. If he was in the 2022 NFL draft class, he’d be the clear-cut top option at quarterback and possibly the first-overall pick.

Once again, this idea that the Chicago Bears are not going all-in on Justin Fields just needs to stop. Upgrading center is a huge plus. The offensive line needs to be figured out, but we can see some veterans brought in after the draft. Eric Fisher for example is still available and could play left tackle for a year or two. The same can be said for a few other positions. Byron Pringle and Tavon Young were solid signings too.

Conor Orr sounds like a Chicago Bears hater and not much more. This team has holes, but the thing is, it’s not much worse than it was in 2021 once Khalil Mack went down with his injury. The offensive scheme alone should help the team find a win or two. The Bears will not be great, but there is enough here (plus the draft) to help Justin Fields develop in his second year.

Finally, I would really appreciate it if a certain blog site would stop with the clickbait headlines. Writing titles such as “Insider raises doubts on Justin Fields’ roster security” and “Justin Fields urged to request a trade out of Chicago” are both very misleading.

The first was about the Mike Florio interview and Florio is not a Bears insider. Being connected to the NFL doesn’t mean you have any real clue on the ins and outs of every team. Florio made baseless claims — something he’s well-known for. So did Conor Orr who was the target of that second title at the said blog site. Again, the writer saying Justin Fields should request a trade was not written by someone connected to Fields “urging” he request a trade.

The clickbait titles regurgitating the nonsense need to stop. This Justin Fields trade talk is again all baseless nonsense during a time of the year when this nonsense is more prevalent. It all needs to stop. Justin Fields isn’t going anywhere any time soon.