Matt Eberflus shuts down the Chicago Bears and Justin Fields rumors

Chicago Bears - Syndication: PackersNews
Chicago Bears - Syndication: PackersNews /

The Chicago Bears have been in question by many from the national media. Mike Florio recently shared how he thought that the Bears’ leadership is not all in with Justin Fields. The Chicago Bears head coach stomped that narrative into the ground with his recent interview with Pro Football Focus (PFF) Chris Collinsworth earlier this week. If you haven’t heard the discussion, I highly suggest checking it out on YouTube.

Eberflus is continuing to make me smile. While I was on board with many of you for hiring Brian Daboll, I did mention how the Chicago Bears need to hire an authentic head coach. The fire isn’t on Eberflus yet, but he sure does sound good when he speaks. Some obvious takeaways from the interview include that Eberflus understands that a gifted quarterback like Fields needs to be used to his fullest skillset.

Trust what the Chicago Bears new head coach Matt Eberflus has to say

Like John Fox (don’t be mad), establish the run and use play-action. The word is, Justin Fields is already at a level of being able to teach the offense to others. We all know about his incredible memory, so that shouldn’t shock us. Eberflus and Poles’ plan might not only evolve around Fields; it might be Fields only based.

The offensive line rebuild still hasn’t happened, and the draft is weeks away. The Chicago Bears have six draft picks. In this draft, the odds of getting a #1 receiver, offensive lineman, defensive back, and 3-tech are slim. The Chicago Bears staff might be thinking of fixing one specific position group while adding to another. The Chicago Bears have cast a wide net among receivers, linebackers, cornerbacks, and edge defenders. However, that offensive line group is still slacking bodies scouted.

Ryan Poles and Ian Cunningham might already have their guys selected in their minds that they want to take in this draft. If Justin Fields knows the offense well on paper, matching the offensive line to the quarterback in a perfect world seems too easy. Guys we could expect to see are:

  • Lecitus Smith, OG – Virgina Tech
  • Jamaree Salyer, OG – Georgia
  • Sean Rhyan, OT – UCLA
  • Luke Goedeke, OT – Central Michigan
  • Nick Petit-Frere, OT – Ohio State
  • Thayer Munford Jr, OG – Ohio State

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Most might not know all of those names, and I fully expect that to come draft day. Remember that the Kansas City Chiefs drafted one known offensive linemen who fell and one, Trey Smith that not many knew. Both players become more than serviceable starters. The Philadelphia Eagles took another faller of Landon Dickerson in last season’s draft but have taken multiple offensive linemen that not many have known in the past.