5 wide receivers Chicago Bears would have to trade up for

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The Chicago Bears are in the business of finding a wide receiver. While the draft will be a great place to fill the need, it also appears that every other team has come up with the same idea. Both the Packers and Chiefs traded big-name wideouts for first-round picks with the anticipation of drafting a younger and cheaper wideout.

While the Chicago Bears are going to be unlikely to trade up, that just means that there is no way that they are going to get the following five prospects

5. Jameson Williams, Alabama

NFL comparison: Will Fuller

The game of Jameson Williams is pretty easy to break down. He has speed and a lot of it. What is funny to note is that Williams is recovering from an ACL injury, and he has yet to run in front of scouts, but everyone is still confident that he is going to be just as fast.

That speed and that confidence in his speed is exactly why he is going to be gone well before the Chicago Bears pick. Like his NFL comparison Will Fuller, even when he is not catching passes his presence on the football field is impactful to everyone else. He absorbs coverage and frees underneath routes as teams fear his speed.

Williams is coming off of the injury and doesn’t quite have a full route tree yet. Still, a one-step slant can get the ball in their hands and from there he erases angles in an impressive fashion. Williams has reportedly been suggested to go high as 10, but he will not slip past the Chiefs, who would do anything to replace Tyreek Hill with Jameson Williams.