5 wide receivers Chicago Bears would have to trade up for

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1. Drake London, USC
1. Drake London, USC /

NFL Comparison: Tee Higgins 

Drake London dealt with an injury this offseason and it seems as though he has slipped some minds. Still, he very well could be the top wideout in the class, and the top wideout drafted. London has an edge on everyone in that he is the youngest in the class and will not be 21 until after draft day.

He got onto the field at USC as a true freshman at age 17, which shows some serious upside, and an ability to compete with more physically developed players.

London is a big body, but his best trait is how well he can sink his hips. It opens up more of the short to intermediate route tree, which is an area you see Tee Higgins win often in the NFL.

Those comeback routes near the sideline where he can sink his hips and leave a defender, but also stretch his frame to haul in a pass away from any trouble can become valuable.

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Still, London is known more because that size makes him a ball-winner. He plucks it away from defenders, and while he struggles at times with physicality he often wins in the air. There are questions about long speed in his game, but he plays more like a possession wideout anyways.

This is another player that is more likely to be a top 10 pick than fall past pick 20.