Chicago Bears trade for Deebo Samuel in one of these deals

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Trade Number 2 to bring Deebo Samuel to the Chicago Bears

Let’s say the previous deal wasn’t enough for San Francisco to consider dealing Samuel. Maybe, the 49ers are actually considering paying Samuel what he wants — which is a lot of money. Specifically, Samuel wants to be the highest-paid non-quarterback in the NFL. Yes, that means even higher than guys like Davante Adams, Aaron Donald and Tyreek Hill.

So, if the 49ers are actually considering an extension, it may be tougher to pry him away. Still, this second deal is fairly mild in comparison to other wide receiver trades that have gone down this year.

Again, the Bears keep in mind that Samuel has only had one year of elite production, therefore they don’t give up a first-rounder. But, instead of a second and third, the Bears give up a pair of second-round picks, along with a fourth-rounder in 2023.

The silver lining here is that the Bears still get to keep their second-round pick this year coming at No. 39. With that pick, Chicago could still go after an offensive lineman and set Fields up a whole lot nicer for his second season. Next year becomes a little trickier, as the Bears will have to find a way to add more draft capital. But, that’s a problem to face next year.