Chicago Bears trade for Deebo Samuel in one of these deals

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Trade Number 3 to bring Deebo Samuel to the Chicago Bears

Let’s say neither of the previous two deals is enough to get it done. Then, the Bears need to go all-in if they believe this is a guy who will completely revolutionize their offense. After all, this is a player who was a big part of knocking the Green Bay Packers out of the playoffs last year. For that alone, he’s likable and relatable.

All jokes aside, Samuel is a game-changing weapon and could truly be worth a tall price for the Bears. He would change things immediately for this offense. So, just how steep a price would the Bears be willing to pay?

Right off the bat, the positive here is that the Bears do not give up a first-rounder, although they do give up a haul.

Poles shells out a total of two second-rounders, a third and fourth-round pick, plus a fifth-rounder. So, the 49ers get a grand total of five picks. However, Poles is able to convince Lynch to throw in two compensatory selections at the end of the sixth round. They might come late, but at least it gives the Bears two more shots at finding a late-round gem.

All in all, the Bears still have six picks in this year’s draft. That is something to be thankful for, here. Now, the majority of them come later. But, picking once in the second and third rounds after landing Samuel is a positive.

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If the Bears can come up with an offensive lineman and another possible starter with one of those first two picks, this deal looks even.