Ranking 5 best WRs for Chicago Bears at pick 39

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If the Chicago Bears are going to take a wide receiver in the second round it appears as though the team will need to make their selection at pick 39, and not wait until 48. The number of wideouts available in that range combined with the number of WR hungry teams between 40 and 47 means that the team should decide on one at 39 or wait until pick 71 to take a wideout.

While they do not know who will be on the board, we do know that five wide receivers will not be on the board. While these five are first-round locks, the rest have a chance to slide to pick 39. Assuming only those five wide receivers are gone, who are the next five that should come off of the board?

5. Jalen Tolbert, South Alabama

NFL comparison: Cedrick Wilson 

We did a profile on Jalen Tolbert earlier this draft season, and we came to the conclusion that he would be a good fit with the Chicago Bears. The question with Tolbert is more about whether 39 is too rich for him to be drafted.

In some regards, you could say no. Most services rate him as a second-round pick, and he put up 1,000 yards and eight touchdowns in back-to-back seasons with his hometown college.

Tolbert has an ability to get deep and make splash plays, but the question is how much he can refine his role beyond that. He is a bit thin and can get bullied at times when corners get their hands on him.

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While the big play is his go-to his speed was not blow-away speed when tested at the NFL combine. Beyond that, he can struggle at times with the contested catch, often because of his thinner frame.

While the need for a big-play threat is there, and Tolbert can track the ball as good as anyone, the 39th pick may be a bit rich. Tolbert may be stuck in a range where he is just outside the top 50 players but is unlikely to fall into the 71st pick.