Ranking 5 best WRs for Chicago Bears at pick 39

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Chicago Bears, Jahan Dotson
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4. Jahan Dotson, WR, Penn State

NFL Comparison: Eddie Royal

Jahan Dotson is the opposite of Tolbert in that it may be more likely that he is off of the board than he is in range for the Chicago Bears. Still, that may be a blessing in disguise.

No one is going to knock the catch radius and hands that Dotson has. He dealt with erratic passes and contorted his body in special ways to haul in passes. He can catch the ball away from his body and has very strong hands that pluck the ball away.

Still, in the NFL when the defenders are bigger, stronger, and faster the question is how can he adjust? Jahan Dotson is under 180 pounds, and while he is fast, 4.44 speed is much more impressive on a 200-pound frame than 180 pounds. Most speedy players under 180 pounds run 4.3 to find NFL success.

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He is thin and that can often show when he a cornerback gets their hands on him, as he can too easily be knocked off of his route. He will likely transition to the slot in the NFL and started that transition at Penn State last season.

Still, even in the slot, there are questions about yards after the catch because he was not the most elusive wideout at Penn State. It is fun to see the small go extend his radius and haul in passes, but the NFL is far more than that and there are questions about how many chances Dotson will get to become a truly special separator. Eddie Royal had a prolific college career, fell to 42nd in the second round despite first-round tape, and then realized that his skills are not elite in the NFL and that he is a solid role player. That seems to be a likely outcome for Jahan Dotson.