Should the Chicago Bears trade for Deebo Samuel or wait for 2023 FA?

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Can the Chicago Bears meet the demands of the San Francisco 49ers for Deebo Samuel?

While it’s not 100% certain what the 49ers would accept to trade Deebo Samuel, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Deebo Samuel is going to be requiring a massive payday next season.

Samuel hits the free agency market in 2023, meaning the team that trades for him— if he even gets traded— will have to keep that in mind. They’re essentially trading for him with the mindset that they’ll also be extending him into the future.

To do that is going to take a lot.

Would the 49ers even entertain a trade without a first-round pick? If so, the Chicago Bears should be out of the running.

Yes, they have a first-round pick next season, but Ryan Poles has made it clear that the team he builds will be built through the draft.

Now, obviously, Deebo Samuel is an absolutely electric playmaker. What he was able to accomplish with Jimmy Garoppolo was impressive, to say the least. Garoppolo isn’t a bad quarterback, but the ceiling of Jimmy G versus the ceiling of Justin Fields is much different.

The firepower that Justin Fields and Deebo Samuel could produce together would be undoubtedly fun to watch, but acquiring Samuel could be more costly than it’s worth.

A deal that the Bears could likely “afford” is their 39th or 48th pick in the draft this year, as well as a 2nd or 3rd round pick next year.

Whether the Bears would send that and/or if the 49ers would accept that is purely skepticism. However, on the outside looking in, it seems unlikely that the 49ers would accept anything less than a first-round pick this year.

Now, if the Chicago Bears miss out on Deebo Samuel, what could be their Plan A or Plan B?

Well, the Bears have a nice little check coming their way in 2023, so the free agency market could be a place they look if Deebo lands on a non-Chicago-based NFL team.