Should the Chicago Bears trade for Deebo Samuel or wait for 2023 FA?

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2023 Free Agent Receiver No. 1 for the Chicago Bears to replace Deebo Samuel: D.K. Metcalf

While D.K. Metcalf might not be the same as Deebo Samuel, Metcalf is a receiver that any deep-ball throwing quarterback should hope comes knocking at their door.

The connection between Justin Fields and D.K. Metcalf could be one of the most entertaining combos to watch.

With Metcalf’s 4.33 speed and Justin Fields’ deep-ball ability, the two could make memories for years and years for Chicago Bears fans.

On top of that, his next salary might not be as much as Deebo Samuel’s.

And while Metcalf and Samuel play a different game, Metcalf could pair better for what the Bears are seemingly building with Getsy as the new offensive play-caller.

D.K. Metcalf is a big body with blazing speed and a pair of hands that seem to get better as the season goes on. There were some drops that D.K. Metcalf would want to have back, surely, but anyone that doesn’t think Metcalf is worth a contract from the Chicago Bears following the 2022-23 season doesn’t see what Metcalf is capable of.

In his three-year career thus far, D.K. Metcalf has produced 232 receptions, 3,485 yards, and 32 touchdowns.

The most receiving touchdowns on the Bears’ roster at the moment of writing this is Byron Pringle (10) followed by Darnell Mooney (8).

D.K. Metcalf’s 32 touchdowns are a massive upgrade over Darnell Mooney and the other current wide receivers

And if Justin Fields progresses the way most Bears fans think he will, there’s clear reason to believe why D.K. Metcalf would choose Drew Lock or Geno Smith over Justin Fields. Who knows if the Seahawks draft a quarterback, but there’s doubt that anyone the Seahawks would get in this draft will be better than Fields.

An offense with Justin Fields throwing to D.K. Metcalf and Darnell Mooney would be unarguably fun to watch, who’s another free agent receiver the Bears could acquire next offseason?