Chicago Bears acquire several late picks in this 2022 mock draft

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Ryan Poles has told Chicago Bears nation recently that he refuses to feel rattled, even though the pressure continues to mount on the shoulders of the first-year general manager.

The 2022 NFL Draft is now just over a week away, and it’s nearly “go time” for Poles in his first-ever opportunity to make magic happen in Chicago.

Last year, we saw the Bears trade up for quarterback Justin Fields. While the elation knew no end after the Fields pick, the Bears now sit in a reality of lesser draft capital for this year’s draft. Drafting Fields was absolutely the right decision, but this year is now that much more important for the current situation.

The Bears are amidst a rebuild, and Poles has taken the slow and steady approach. Although it’s an understandable approach, some fans are a little uneasy about the lack of free agent talent added in Poles’ first offseason so far.

The 2022 NFL Draft could change it all for Ryan Poles the Chicago Bears

Despite the missing talent and few impactful free agent signings, the Bears still have a chance to do something special over draft weekend.

Going in with only six picks isn’t the worst-case scenario. Poles has plenty of opportunity to acquire additional draft capita, thus giving him more “at-bats” to find the right young talent.

If the Bears want to add as much talent as possible during this year’s draft, it’s going to require trading back from at least one of their second-round picks. But, this mock draft sees Poles do even more than that.

In a draft haul that nets a whopping 12 players, this mock shows what’s possible if Poles truly goes all out in stacking draft capital.